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4 min readFeb 3, 2022

Blockchain has become a buzzword in recent times. You must have heard about the latest technology somewhere. It is all set to bring about a revolution in a number of industries. Owing to the lucrative career opportunities blockchain offers, more and more individuals are showing an interest in technology. However, in order to become a blockchain professional, you will require proper blockchain training.

The selection of the right blockchain training course is essential to succeed in the blockchain career. Through the training, you can learn about the fundamental concepts of blockchain and become familiar with all the important terms. Moreover, the blockchain training academy will also help you enhance your technical skills to excel in the domain.

Features that make 101 Blockchains the Best Blockchain Training Platform

101 Blockchains is known as the best online blockchain training platform. The blockchain training academy will not only help you understand how blockchain works but also enable you to unleash the true powers of the technologies. So, here are the top features that make 101 Blockchains the best platform for blockchain training.

  • Huge Collection of Training Courses

One of the prominent features that make 101 Blockchains stand out is its wide range of training courses. It offers the best blockchain training courses for all. Whether you are very new to blockchain technology or a professional in the field, this platform has a course for you. Right from Introduction to Enterprise Blockchain to Enterprise Blockchains and Trade Finance, the platform has a lot to offer. In addition to gaining knowledge about the fundamentals, you can also learn to integrate the technology in diverse industry models. On the basis of your preference and specific requirements, you can select and pursue the best courses on 101 Blockchains.

  • Regularly Updated Content

The best thing about 101 Blockchains is that the courses of the blockchain training academy are updated regularly. As the technology is relatively new, its information keeps updating and changing. Making use of outdated information may affect the growth and success of the blockchain career. However, the academy understands this. Therefore, it ensures that all the courses have the latest information essential for blockchain professionals. The platform keeps up with the latest trends in the blockchain industry and offers relevant courses to individuals.

  • Proficient Instructors

Whether it is a blockchain training free course or a paid one, all the courses are delivered by proficient instructors. The instructors at 101 Blockchains are qualified experts and have years of experience and expertise in the domain. Moreover, the subject matter experts have a stronghold on the different subjects relating to blockchain technology.

As they possess an in-depth understanding of all the core concepts, they can provide quality training to the individuals. They can easily clear all the doubts of every student and offer value to the students. In addition to theoretical knowledge, the experts can provide you with practical knowledge to gain a competitive edge in the field.

  • Simple Lesson Structure

A number of individuals may be very new to blockchain technology. Therefore, it is important for a blockchain training course to have a simple lesson plan and structure. The lesson structure of the courses offered at 101 Blockchains is quite simple and easy to understand. It ensures that every learner is able to understand the information irrespective of their knowledge level. Therefore, it makes it easier for the students to start their journey towards becoming blockchain professionals without any fear.

  • Access to Exclusive Learning Materials

As the best blockchain training academy, 101 Blockchains offers learners access to various helpful learning materials. When you enroll in a course on the platform, you can access all the essential training materials that are essential to enhance your knowledge and skills. Moreover, the platform also offers bonus materials such as workout spreadsheets. It enables you to put your theoretical learning into practice to increase your success chances.

  • Quality Support

The online blockchain training academy also provides the learners with quality support throughout the course. The platform focuses on delivering an interactive and engaging learning experience to individuals. It ensures that all the doubts and queries of the students are properly resolved. Great care and attention are given to every student to ensure an exceptional learning experience. Learners can easily connect with the subject matter experts and find answers to their questions.

Final Words

Blockchain technology has a promising future. Becoming well-versed with the vital concepts of evolving technology is possible through blockchain training. Whether you are looking for blockchain training free courses or paid ones, 101 Blockchains is the right platform for you. Learning through the platform will allow you to upgrade your blockchain-specific skills and become industry-ready.

If you want to get to the realm of blockchain technology, it is best to take up a blockchain course from the training platform. Leverage the best blockchain training platform and become a certified professional.



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