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4 min readAug 31, 2020

If you are here to explore the easiest approaches to learn blockchain, then you must have a basic impression of what the technology is. Blockchain technology is rightly the next big technology following the internet with many global names such as Amazon, IBM, Facebook, and Microsoft spearheading blockchain adoption.

The large scale demand for adoption of blockchain technology delivers a critical boost for the demands to find best ways to learn blockchain. Enterprises are looking for blockchain professionals in different roles, such as cryptocurrency traders, mining technicians, blockchain developers, blockchain architects, full-stack developers, and research analysts.

On average, blockchain professionals can earn almost $150,000 to $175,000 as annual salary, thereby increasing the need for learning about blockchain. Although the demand for learning about blockchain is increasing consistently, the process of beginning your journey for learning blockchain skills can seem pretty daunting. So, here is an outline of some of the best tips to learn blockchain.

Blockchain Training Courses

One of the proven approaches to learn blockchain is largely associated with online courses. Aspiring learners could choose online courses for the appropriate structuring and streamline of topics related to blockchain technology. If you want to learn about blockchain technology, then you can start from the fundamentals training courses and move towards the advanced levels. Online courses are great ways for candidates to gain insights into different aspects such as basics of blockchain, consensus algorithms, EVMs, and decentralized applications.

So, you can start by learning blockchain fundamentals through online courses to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts related to blockchain. Gradually, you can start learning blockchain advanced concepts alongside its application in practical use cases. Most important of all, learners can move towards hands-on experience through an introduction to use of coding languages such as C++ and JavaScript in context of blockchain technology.

Online Video Tutorials

The next common source to learn blockchain in the most effective way possible is evident in the form of online video tutorials. Online video tutorials are the best option to learn almost anything, whether it is about cooking a new recipe or making home improvements. The visually engaging nature of online video tutorials provides interesting opportunities for learning blockchain technology. All you have to do is visit YouTube and search for tutorials on blockchain programming. You can explore multiple channels and videos for learning blockchain, according to varying experience levels.

Some blockchain experts also live stream coding exercises, thereby providing direct insights on practical working of blockchain technology. In addition, online tutorial videos are also the best ways to learn blockchain troubleshooting. Video tutorials showcase step-by-step resolution of different critical and common issues in blockchain technology. As a result, learners could use video tutorials to learn about blockchain comprehensively.

Gaming Apps

Blockchain gaming apps are the trusted methods for taking away the boredom in learning blockchain technology. Even a YouTube tutorial with engaging visuals can be boring in certain cases. Therefore, the use of gaming techniques, methodologies, and reasoning could help in simplifying various blockchain concepts.

In addition, gaming apps could also lead to better potential for improving memory and attention. Gaming apps are very effective in mental stimulation, thereby offering better prospects for ability of the brain to ensure storage of new information. Most important of all, it is definitely exciting to have some fun while learning blockchain with gaming apps.

Professional Communities

Blockchain programming communities could also be great alternatives for individuals to start learning blockchain. Blockchain knowledge is not a one-time thing that you can get done easily. As a matter of fact, you have to participate in a continuous learning and development process to strengthen blockchain skills.

Blockchain is presently in the initial stages under consistent improvements. So, involvement in blockchain communities offers flexible opportunities to learn blockchain. Some of the notable examples of communities for blockchain learning include the IEEE blockchain community, Reddit, and others.

Boot Camps for Coding

Coding boot camps can be a great option for learning blockchain technology, albeit with a considerable investment. Boot camps are faster and practical routes for learning blockchain in comparison to a traditional college or university degrees. Coding boot camps offer the platform for learning about blockchain practical applications and their suitability for different use cases.


On a final note, you can clearly identify the easy ways to learn blockchain from the above-mentioned information. Online courses and video tutorials are the most easily accessible and mainstream options for learning blockchain. You can start blockchain career with free blockchain course from reliable platforms such as 101Blockchains.

However, you have to be careful in choosing your direction for using the best pointers to start learning blockchain. Blockchain technology does have a lot of challenges in terms of learning, especially for beginners. On the contrary, selection of ideal training resources and support can simplify the training process. Start learning more about blockchain right now!



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