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4 min readFeb 27, 2023
Blockchain Courses

Courses On Blockchain are the assemblage of packages that offer structured course curriculums related to blockchain, its applications in various fields, and wide use cases related to this evolving field. Some courses are suitable for experienced professionals such as software developers, architects, Engineers, Innovators and entrepreneurs, and professionals having an interest in Metaverse Technology while some courses are suitable for beginners.

  • There can be many courses that can be taken up in 2023 as the top-rated course and below are the discussion points on why they should be taken up.
  • There can be consideration of the learning levels as there are both beginners and professionals also. Beginners will go for the entry-level courses while professionals can prefer to get more on certification courses while browsing for Primer courses on the internet.

Introducing 101 Blockchains Premiere courses:

The internet is flooded with blockchain courses and choosing the right one for you can be a challenging task yet interesting. Here is how 101 Blockchains has taken an initiative for educating the learners from scratch to up-to-mark. Below are the courses on highlights:

  1. NFT Fundamentals
  • At the beginning of the course, a novice will find concepts behind NFT.
  • In the later stage, the Fundamentals of NFT will be covered and the learners will get to know in detail what Fungible and non-fungible Tokens are, how it works, and how NFTs are affecting Digital Asset Ecosystem.
  • The concepts of History behind NFT is another module, this course contained in its curriculum. In continuation, one will step down to the concepts of the NFT Project ecosystem and its use case.
  • At last, the learners will get an overall idea of the NFT marketplace, and How to create, Buy and Sell NFTs.

2. Metaverse Fundamentals

  • Metaverse Professional will be helpful in this course as it is covering Metaverse Fundamentals such as the Timeline and potential of the metaverse, challenges, concerns, and applications of the Metaverse.
  • In continuation, one will get to know about Metaverse Technology where key concepts include Whiteboard-Tech stack, Web3 & metaverse, VR, AR, AI, NFTs, etc.
  • Lastly, one will have a general idea about Investment in the Metaverse where topics like the fundamentals of Metaverse Tokens, IDO, MetaFi, and Gaming in the metaverse.

3. Defi Security Fundamentals

  • This top-rated course will land a learner from Introduction to Defi security and Defi Security Landscape.
  • It will proceed with further modules on User and wallet security where key topics like private key security, Malicious Defi approvals, and Frontend Attacks will be covered.
  • By the end of the course, one will be able to dive deep into the context of Cross-chain Bridge security, centralized validation, fake deposits, and Smart Contract security.

4. Solidity fundamentals

  • The learning session will start with an introduction to solidity, Solidity compilers, Ethereum, smart contracts, Remix IDE, Demo-Remix, etc.
  • In continuation, one will be covering the data types and control flow where subtopics are covered such as Variables and types, Global variables, operators, conditionals, and Loops.
  • Moving further with the module overview, while learning about functions, one will walk through the steps of scope and visibility, function return, modifiers, events, and logs.
  • Coming to the next module, data structures, the listicles will be covered on Arrays, structs, enums, Mapping, etc.
  • Lastly, two modules will be elaborating on Transfer Ether and Libraries and interfaces, etc.

5. Tokenization Fundamentals

  • This course will take you through firstly on concepts of Blockchain, smart contracts, Tokenization, Alternative finance etc.
  • With endurance to the above-mentioned, a newcomer will deal with conceptual clarity of topics as Financial structure and models of tokenization, Types of tokens, Different types of tokens, types of assets for tokenization, etc.
  • This course will end of with interactive exercises after each key term get finised that would help learners ace through the entire curriculum.

Landing into the free course on 101 Blockchains which is free on this platform and accessible to learners.

  1. Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals:

Here the Learner will take a glance through what exactly Blockchain Technology is. Then they will learn about Important Enterprise Blockchain Terms, continuing with Smart Contact Basics and Blockchain Digital Transformations.

The above-mentioned courses cover starting from fundamentals to advanced levels both for beginners and industry professionals. The above-mentioned are helpful in a most takeaway advantage that anyone can take from 101 Blockchains platforms and can sail through the Blockchain industry. Innovators and Entrepreneurs lacking behind or seeking for upscaling themselves in this blockchain industry can be more way advantageous while grabbing this multitude of courses.



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