Top 5 Career Options After Blockchain Certification

Why should you do a blockchain certification course?

So, how does it help? Let’s list them below:

  • Improved earning potential: With certification, you can improve your earning potential. For instance, if you are working in the industry and want to apply for a higher position or ask for a pay raise, you better do it with a certification as the manager will acknowledge your change/improvement and skills.
  • Set you apart: Certifications enable you to stay ahead of others. This means that you are competitively always ahead of your co-workers.
  • Helps you build: With certifications, you are bound to have a better reputation and credibility surrounding your expertise.
  • Know more: Certifications are also for knowledge gain and help you stay up to market standards and demands.
  • Give positive outlook: If you are certified, you will be seen from a positive outlook as a continuous learner.
  • Become a leader: With the right certification and knowledge, you can position yourself as the leader and expert!

5 Best Career Options After Blockchain Certification

1. Blockchain Developer

2. Blockchain Project Manager

3. Blockchain Legal Consultant

4. Blockchain UX Designer/Web Desginer

5. Blockchain Quality Engineer

What’s Next?

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional(CEBP)
  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect(CEBA)
  • Certified Blockchain Security Expert(CBSE)



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