Top 5 Career Options After Blockchain Certification

Congratulations! You completed the blockchain certification! Or you are still deciding to!

And, now, you are searching for the best career option after it? Right? Well, we got you covered.

If you took any Blockchain courses from any top Blockchain training sites, then you are in good hands as these Blockchain certifications/courses are based on current markets and are rapidly adapted to meet the demands.

In fact, blockchain as a whole is evolving faster than any other technology out there. Market demand also suggests the same. Upwork, the biggest freelancer marketplace, listed blockchain as the emerging skill as per demands on their platform for two consecutive quarters.

LinkedIn Learning also listed Blockchain as one of the top hard skills that you can acquire in 2020. In fact, they have marked it as the number one hard skill that is in huge demand!

However, if you are reading this and are looking for career options after you complete blockchain certification, then we got you covered as well. To help you further, let’s learn why a blockchain certification course can add value to your resume.

Why should you do a blockchain certification course?

So, how does it help? Let’s list them below:

  • Set you apart: Certifications enable you to stay ahead of others. This means that you are competitively always ahead of your co-workers.
  • Helps you build: With certifications, you are bound to have a better reputation and credibility surrounding your expertise.
  • Know more: Certifications are also for knowledge gain and help you stay up to market standards and demands.
  • Give positive outlook: If you are certified, you will be seen from a positive outlook as a continuous learner.
  • Become a leader: With the right certification and knowledge, you can position yourself as the leader and expert!

5 Best Career Options After Blockchain Certification

1. Blockchain Developer

A good starting point would be to learn Python and then learn Solidity — a smart contract programming language. You can also check out DAML — a smart contract library that lets you developer apps and solutions on any platform, irrespective of the platform it is running on! Yes, it is that impressive!

All-in-all, you can earn anywhere up to $175K as a blockchain developer.

Your job location, the company you are working with, and other factors play a crucial role in your salary.

2. Blockchain Project Manager

As a Blockchain Project Manager, you can earn anywhere up to $110K. Again here, your salary depends on your location and industry.

3. Blockchain Legal Consultant

If you fancy the legal aspects of blockchain, then you can try to establish yourself as a blockchain legal consultant. As you should know, smart contracts are a way to execute business rules and requirements as code. It enables automatic execution without the need for third party inclusion. All of these may sound simple, but in reality, brings in lot of complexity when it comes to legality — considering that there is no boundary to smart contracts.

Decentralized networks, being decentralized, can land into complex legal issues, considering that every country has its own laws when it comes to dealing with cryptocurrencies, ICOs and digital currencies.

You can pick up this career if you have a legal background and are interested in blockchain technology.

As a Blockchain Legal Consultant, you can get up to $180K, depending on your location, the company, and the industry you are working in.

4. Blockchain UX Designer/Web Desginer

There is also a web designer role that is mainly aimed to create a user interface/web interface for the application so that it is ready to be consumed by the users.

In short, the role of UX Designer/Web designer is to design, create, and improve user experience.

As a UX Designer or a web designer, you can make up to $150K annually.

5. Blockchain Quality Engineer

A blockchain quality engineer can get anywhere up to $175$ annually.

What’s Next?

Some of the most in-demand blockchain certifications in Blockchain are:

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional(CEBP)
  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect(CEBA)
  • Certified Blockchain Security Expert(CBSE)

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