Top 3 Blockchain Certification Courses Worth Taking in 2022

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4 min readSep 27, 2022
Blockchain Certification Courses

Blockchain caused some revolutionary changes in how people rely on and use technology to their advantage. In some ways, blockchain has completely changed how technology used to work in the past. As a result, the search for a blockchain certification is one of the priorities of a tech professional right now.

How could you find the top blockchain credentials for your career in 2022? You can rely on many top alternatives for identifying the ideal certifications to strengthen your blockchain career. Blockchain certifications are an essential part of a professional’s journey in their blockchain career. The following post helps you find the details about three crucial blockchain certifications, which you can rely on for ensuring significant advantages.

Best Blockchain Certifications for You in 2022

The times have constantly been changing and so have the requirements for learning blockchain technology. People want to learn about new advancements with blockchain and use them for career development. Rather than staying focused on the top blockchain certifications, aspirants are trying out new concepts. Interestingly, 101 Blockchains can offer you more than just basic certification training courses with certifications on new topics. Here are the three top certifications on the platform to help you specialize in blockchain in 2022.

  1. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP)

The best blockchain certification by 101 Blockchains, the CEBP certification has a treasure trove of knowledge for every blockchain beginner. One of the remarkable highlights of the CEBP certification is how it prepares you for understanding the business value of blockchain.

The certification training course emphasizes the core concepts of blockchain alongside a detailed understanding of all elements in the blockchain landscape. You can develop the skills for approaching blockchain implementation alongside emphasizing transformation through updated tools.

The CEBP certification offers one of the best blockchain courses for learning more about blockchain platforms such as Corda, Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric. Furthermore, the certification training course can help you improve your practical understanding of the applications of blockchain. You can refer to the examples of blockchain use cases in trade finance and supply chain management to understand how blockchain transformation works in real life.

2. Certified NFT Professional (CNFTP)

The Certified NFT Professional (CNFTP) certification is a trusted, one-of-its-kind credential for proving your skills and knowledge of NFTs. You can opt for CNFTP over blockchain courses to learn more about NFTs and how to use them. The Certified NFT Professional certification has been tailored to offer an exclusive instrument to help students become NFT experts. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a huge hit in the crypto and blockchain ecosystem right now. As one of the unique NFT certifications, CNFTP aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of the interplay between NFTs, blockchain and tokens.

The capabilities of CNFTP as one of the unique blockchain certification courses are evident in the coverage of topics. It helps you understand the scope and objectives of NFTs with an overview of their challenges and benefits. Comprehensive detailing for topics in the course also help you cover the use cases of NFTs with practical examples. Most important of all, CNFTP also helps you learn about the methods and best practices for creating NFT collections and trading NFTs.

3. Certified Metaverse Professional (CMP)

The metaverse is a promising highlight in the vision for future with a decentralized web. You can rely on top blockchain certifications like the Certified Metaverse Professional (CMP) certification to get on board with the new technology. The CMP certification not only proves your knowledge of the metaverse but also strengthens your practical expertise. You can rely on the CMP certification training course to learn about benefits and challenges in the metaverse by referring to practical use cases.

Most important of all, CMP is a reliable blockchain certification to learn about the technologies underlying the metaverse. Upon completing the metaverse professional certification, you can also develop an in-depth understanding of the relationship between metaverse and web3. On top of it, the Certified Metaverse Professional certification also serves some plausible insights on best practices for metaverse investing.

Final Words

The detailed assessment of the learning resources offered in 101 Blockchains certifications could help you understand their value. With the top 3 certifications available on a single platform, aspiring blockchain professionals don’t have to face any restrictions. On the contrary, you can also explore other popular blockchain courses and certifications suited to your interests and learning preferences.

At the same time, you need to understand how a specific certification training course can help you boost your knowledge regarding blockchain. In addition, you should also notice how certifications could remove the fear of approaching new and innovative concepts like NFTs. Learn more about blockchain and become an expert with the best blockchain certification now.



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