Is learning blockchain technology good for the future?

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4 min readJul 22, 2022
Blockchain Technology

Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies have traveled beyond the phases of hype and disillusionment. Today, enterprises work on leveraging blockchain technology to transform their business processes and systems. Industry leaders have successfully leveraged blockchain technology to drive new value improvements with innovative business models. You can learn blockchain and prepare for the job market of the future. How?

The massive scale of blockchain adoption would drive promising use cases across different industries, thereby creating new job opportunities. On the other hand, beginners would have many doubts about pursuing a career in blockchain, especially considering the fact that it is new. The following discussion offers you insights on whether learning blockchain can prove beneficial for your future.

Why Is Blockchain Relevant to the Future?

The doubts regarding the stability of a blockchain career emerge primarily from the novelty of blockchain. Everyone knows that blockchain is a new technology and is only just over a decade old. As a result, everyone shares a reasonable fear of the technology falling out of trend or turning obsolete.

What if blockchain applications fail to achieve the intended enterprise objectives? What if enterprises fail to keep up with the demand for advanced hardware for blockchain-based systems?

Any beginner would run into such questions before choosing a blockchain academy to start their learning journey. On the other hand, you can look at the factors which show how blockchain can be a formidable force in technology for the future. Here is an overview of a few reasons which indicate that learning blockchain is definitely worth it.

  • The Growth of Blockchain

One of the first things which can prove the necessity of a blockchain certification or training course is the growth of blockchain. The performance of the global blockchain market can shed light on the potential of the market for the long term. The steady growth of the global blockchain market from $1.2 billion in 2018 to almost $7 billion in 2021 is a testimony to the potential of blockchain. Aspiring learners must also notice that the global blockchain market can probably reach a valuation of almost $39.7 billion by 2025. The numbers of blockchain technology’s growth over the years are clear proof of how valuable it is.

  • Blockchain Adoption by Industries

The next important factor for verifying the feasibility of a blockchain career path is the adoption of blockchain. What are the different industries which use blockchain or could use it in the future? The answer can help you figure out the diversity of job choices you can find with blockchain. Blockchain technology has been frequently associated with cryptocurrencies, thereby pinning most of the blockchain applications in financial services.

The adoption of blockchain technology in different industries spells positive news for aspirants seeking a career path in blockchain. As of now, the financial services sector takes up almost 30% of the market value of blockchain technology. On the other hand, the value of blockchain in healthcare might grow to almost $1189.8 million by 2028. At the same time, the value of blockchain in agriculture and food can reach the $1.48 billion mark by 2026.

  • Massive Scale of Economics

The financial opportunities for the blockchain technology market also showcase that it would continue as a pioneer technology in the long run. Interestingly, the financial opportunities can help aspirants figure out the relevance of blockchain to the real world. You should think of taking up a blockchain course as it can help you capitalize on employment prospects in an industry with constantly expanding global spending.

The global spending on blockchain solutions, estimated at $6.6 billion in 2021, offers substantial proof of how enterprises are seeking value in blockchain-based solutions. Interestingly, the spending on blockchain solutions will increase to almost $19 billion by 2024. At the same time, research has suggested that blockchain would most likely boost the global GDP by almost $1.76 trillion by 2030.

Final Words

If you are searching for suitable blockchain training and blockchain certification courses, then you might have to browse through many platforms. However, a single academy like the 101 Blockchains Academy can serve your training and certification needs in one place. Learning blockchain will gradually become a necessity for every technology professional in the future. The improvements introduced by blockchain definitely show how the applications of the future should be.

The value advantages of blockchain, such as decentralization alongside security and many other innovative developments, prove that it is essential. Go through different courses and certifications to build your identity as a blockchain professional. Strengthen your career with the right selection of courses and professional certifications suited to your career goals.



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