How to prepare for Certified Blockchain Security Expert Certification?

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Certified Blockchain Security Professional
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The threats to blockchain security continue growing stronger with each year. Security breaches in the field of blockchain led to losses worth $3.8 billion in 2022. The losses due to blockchain security breaches in 2021 amounted to almost $3.3 billion. In addition, October 2022 was the most fatal month for the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. The month registered 32 different attacks and led to losses amounting to $755.7 million.

Therefore, you can notice how a blockchain security expert could find lucrative opportunities for professional development amidst the growing frequency of attacks. Professional certification courses such as Certified Blockchain Security Expert or CBSE certification on 101 Blockchains could provide an ideal path to start your career. Let us take a look at the ideal methods to prepare for the CBSE certification course.

What is the Certified Blockchain Security Expert Certification?

The Certified Blockchain Security Expert or CBSE certification is a self-paced certification training course. It helps you become a Certified Blockchain Security Professional with the right set of skills for safeguarding blockchain solutions. The certification course on 101 Blockchains is a trusted learning resource for learning about blockchain security and the best practices for safeguarding blockchain solutions.

Another promising highlight of the blockchain security certification course is the assurance of training under industry experts. The CBSE certification course has been designed to support aspiring professionals in finding structured career paths in blockchain security. Here are the important learning objectives of the CBSE certification course.

  • In-depth understanding of blockchain security threats.
  • Best practices for threat modeling and vulnerability evaluation.
  • Design and development of secure blockchain systems and dApps.

The most crucial advantage of the certification course is that it helps you learn blockchain security with references to threats at each layer. For example, you can familiarize yourself with the security threats for consensus algorithms, smart contracts, and blockchain nodes. The lessons in the certification course also help you achieve specialization in blockchain system testing.

Most important of all, the CBSE certification training course also provides insights into important security considerations for enterprise blockchain platforms. On top of it, the facility of interactive exercises in each module of the training course offers an effective tool for practicing your learning outcomes.

Best Practices to Prepare for Certified Blockchain Security Expert Certification

The good news for candidates aspiring to qualify for the 101 Blockchains certification program on blockchain security is the facility of guided training. You don’t have to seek different learning resources on multiple platforms to cover the important learning objectives. Here are some of the recommended best practices to prepare for the CBSE certification.

  • Prepare a Study Plan

The first thing that you need for your Blockchain Security Expert career path is discipline. You should create a study plan that resonates with the certification objectives and helps you complete all lessons within a pre-defined timeframe. The study plan also helps in ensuring accountability for your preparations.

  • Practice with Blockchain Security

The lessons you learn in the different blockchain security courses online would be of no use if you could not implement them for solving business issues. You might come across scenario-based questions in the final certification exam that would test how you apply your security knowledge. If possible, try to experiment with your skills in blockchain security testing and threat modeling.

  • Use the Support Mechanisms

The most important recommendation for helping aspiring professionals with blockchain security certification is the use of a support mechanism. You are likely to come across doubts in the training process for the Certified Blockchain Security Expert certification. Interestingly, you can rely on 101 Blockchains support mechanism for finding relevant answers to your doubts. The assurance of responsive support helps you overcome all obstacles in your preparation journey.


The recommended best practices to prepare for the CBSE certification include maintaining accountability, practicing your skills, and using support mechanisms. Each recommendation helps you cover the blockchain security certification course with comprehensive coverage of concepts regarding blockchain security.

The roadmap for a career in blockchain security would involve comprehensive training in blockchain security principles and best practices. You have to familiarize yourself with blockchain security threats at every layer and find relevant solutions through vulnerability assessments. Furthermore, you must also learn about the vital security considerations for popular blockchain platforms used for developing dApps and decentralized solutions.



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