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The transformation of blockchain technology from a way to handle Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency, to one of the most dynamic and innovative technologies, was simply incredible. The numerous benefits of using the technology have contributed majorly to its rising popularity. Upstarts, government institutions, and private etch companies — all are eager to use the latest blockchain technology. The hype surrounding the blockchain technology has led to massive hiring of people with knowledge and skill pertaining to the technology.

According to Indeed, a leading job finding website, the rise in the number of jobs within the blockchain industry has risen by 631% from 2015 and is still on the uprise.

Tips for building a blockchain career

With the market thriving and opportunities to establish impressive careers, now is the time to put your passion to good use and build blockchain careers. You can take up some blockchain courses and arm yourself with the knowledge to secure lucrative job offers.

· Know about the basics of the blockchain technology

To develop a career in the field of blockchain technology, you must understand the basics. Learning the most basic aspects will help you to delve into the technical parts easily.

· Understanding the working of the various blockchain platforms

It doesn’t matter if you want to pursue blockchain careers in the technical or non-technical field. Both of them will require knowledge of the various platforms. But, the knowledge requirement level for technical job positions is far more than the non-technical ones. It is vital to know the workings of the various blockchain platforms so that you can do your job with ease.

· Learn cryptography

Cryptography is an inherent part of the blockchain and is one of the reasons behind itspopularity. In the blockchain, both the public and private keys are encrypted cryptographically. It makes hacking almost near impossible. If you are developing a blockchain app, you will also be responsible for its security.

· Gather knowledge about the various business processes

Other than the technical and field-related specific skills, some common business skills are also necessary for blockchain careers. You must have extensive knowledge about procurement, logistics, distribution, etc. of a particular business. Moreover, leadership and communication skills are also considered while interviewing candidates for blockchain jobs.

· Hone the programming language skills

One of the most vital aspects of blockchain careers is the skill in the programming language. You must be adept at the various programming language used for blockchain. Some of these are — Solidity, Simplicity, Go, etc. If you want to aim for a technical job position in the blockchain field, then it is necessary for you to develop impressive programming language skills.

Professional courses for building blockchain careers

If you are passionate about learning more about Blockchain technology and want to develop blockchain careers, then the best option for you is to opt for certification courses. By choosing these courses, you can gather extensive knowledge about the subject and gain some crucial technical skills. This will play a vital role when you go for an interview for a blockchain job position. Also, the completion of the courses provides credibility to the knowledge you have and forms an impressive resume for you.

But, you must be careful while searching for the best certification courses. You can first try out the free ones; see if it interests you, and then you can go for the more advanced ones. 101 Blockchains offer various courses for beginners as well as professionals. They help you to understand the topic better and aidsin the establishment of a solid foundation for blockchain careers. If you have a clear concept of the basics, then you can easily learn more with time. Some of the free courses that they offer are listed below.

1. The Best Free Online Blockchain Course for Beginners:

With this, you can familiarize yourself with the blockchain technology and understand its importance in this modern world.

2. Enterprise Blockchains Fundamentals:

Free Course: It is apt for people who are interested in blockchain careers. The course explains the basics of the technology and stresses on its relevance in boosting your career.

With the steady rise in the blockchain jobs in the market, it is a smart move to opt for blockchain careers. It not only ensures that you have a high pay scale but also provides variability to your job. You no longer have to do the same job every day. It is due to the fact that the blockchain technology is still evolving, and thus, new concepts are introduced every day.

All the statistics indicate that the demand for people with skills in blockchain technology is only going to increase. In today’s world of fierce competition, it is vital to learn something that can offer you security for the future. Moreover, if you have the passion, the added thrill will make your job even more appealing.



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