How to Become a DeFi Expert?

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4 min readOct 8, 2021

Among the many things being discussed prominently in the world of blockchain and crypto, DeFi is slowly gaining profound levels of popularity. As a matter of fact, many industry experts are confident that DeFi or decentralized finance would open new avenues for the large-scale adoption of blockchain solutions. Therefore, enterprises will most likely need a DeFi expert to help them navigate the opportunities and challenges in the emerging landscape. So, it is obvious to develop an interest in learning about DeFi and exploring the domain for professional opportunities.

If you want to become a professional in the domain of decentralized finance, then you have a long way to go on a journey of continuous learning. However, your initial steps could provide a massive boost to your chances of becoming a DeFi specialist. Let us discover what you will need to become an expert in decentralized finance in the following discussion.

What is DeFi?

The first step in your journey of becoming a DeFi professional begins with a basic understanding of DeFi. DeFi or decentralized finance basically refers to the use of blockchain for facilitating different types of financial transactions without intermediaries. As a result, it could facilitate improved levels of privacy and speed alongside reducing the costs.

Is DeFi Truly Popular?

So, how exactly do you determine the popularity of DeFi? Is it truly what it is propagated as? As a matter of fact, DeFi had almost billions of dollars locked on different DeFi platforms in the middle of 2020. DeFi had already found applications in different use cases, such as investors using decentralized exchanges and lending-borrowing applications with smart contracts. Furthermore, in 2021, the popularity of DeFi will extend further with new and interesting applications such as dApps, insurance, and betting. As the popularity of DeFi grows further, the urge to become pro in DeFi would definitely grow.

Where Should You Start Learning DeFi?

Now that you know about the popularity of DeFi and the possibilities for leveraging career prospects in the domain, it is reasonable to wonder about the possible ways to learn about DeFi. Interestingly, you can get started with answers on how to become DeFi expert by referring to sources of information on DeFi. You would need all the resources that could help you reach every nook and corner of the DeFi landscape. Here is an outline of some of the important learning resources you should try out to start learning DeFi.

  • The official website presents public, open-source resources to help the Ethereum community learn about DeFi.
  • EthHub could also offer you adequate information, podcasts, newsletters, and open-source documentation related to DeFi.
  • You could also refer to the DeFi Pulse, a decentralized finance leaderboard, to help you develop your capabilities as a DeFi expert.
  • Another promising choice of a free learning resource on DeFi would point towards the DeFi blog on ConsenSys.

In addition, you have a wide assortment of online sources you can refer to for newsletters, podcasts, and videos on DeFi for developing your skills as a DeFi specialist.

Develop Some Practical Skills

Learning the theoretical implications pertaining to DeFi through different resources could definitely ease your journey of becoming a DeFi expert. However, you also need some practical knowledge on DeFi for truly capitalizing on the potential of DeFi. Here are some steps to get started with DeFi.

  • Configure the Wallet

The first step you need to use DeFi is a cryptocurrency wallet. So, you need to install a crypto wallet on your browser. Make sure that it supports Ethereum and can connect with different DeFi protocols.

  • Buy the Coins

The second step involves purchasing the required coins for the DeFi protocol you have planned to use. Since Ethereum is one of the most popular and common DeFi protocols right now, you would need ETH.

Learn Your Way around the DeFi Landscape

Now that you are done with the setup required for using DeFi, you can move ahead on your journey in how to become a DeFi expert. There are various ways in which you could explore the world of DeFi and improve your skills. Some of them include,

  • Lending out crypto tokens and participating in yield farming.
  • Investing funds in decentralized exchange as a market maker.
  • Investment in DeFi projects such as Yearn Finance or Aave.

Ready to Become a DeFi Expert?

It is quite clear that the path to become Pro in DeFi is not easy. You would have to invest a lot of effort in practice by navigating different use cases of DeFi. A comprehensive understanding of DeFi is essential for leveraging its true potential for empowering your career prospects. Thankfully, you could discover many promising learning resources, such as dedicated professional training courses for DeFi. You could find one of the most promising courses on DeFi on 101 Blockchains with the assurance of flexible learning. Go ahead and learn more about the course right now to boost your DeFi career.



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