How to Become a Certified Web3 Hacker?

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Web3 Hacker Certification
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Web3 is changing the traditional digital landscape with innovative advancements. While many people believe that web3 technology could provide a completely decentralized internet, it has come up with some prominent security challenges. Powered by blockchain technology, smart contracts, and dApps, the web3 landscape has encountered multiple setbacks in the initial stages of growth. What are the setbacks? Security risks such as smart contract vulnerabilities and rug pulls have imposed a negative impact on reputation of web3. Let us find out how a certified web3 hacker could help in fighting against emerging security risks.

Why Should You Become a Web3 Hacker?

The losses due to security breaches in web3 amounted to $3.6 billion in 2022. As of September 2023, the total losses from web3 security breaches amounted to more than $880 million. Therefore, web3 needs professionally certified web3 hackers to deal with web3 security issues. You can become certified web3 hacker and capitalize on the demand for certified web3 security professionals. As a certified hacker, you can prove your skills for breaking into web3 systems to identify security vulnerabilities.

On top of it, a certification can ensure that you can command a salary for web3 security jobs. The average annual salary of a certified web3 hacker could vary from $140,000 to $260,000. In addition, the emerging threats in web3 also suggest that the demand for trained web3 hackers will not fade away in the future.

Steps to Become a Certified Web3 Hacker

You can capitalize on the growing opportunities for certified web3 hackers in new job markets to ensure professional excellence. However, it is important to follow a web3 hacker roadmap that guides you to your professional goals in web3. Here are some of the notable steps in the roadmap for becoming a certified web3 hacker.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Fundamental Concepts

The fundamental concepts required in your preparations for web3 hacker certification would be considerably different from the ones for a complete beginner. You must have in-depth familiarity with blockchain concepts and the technology. For example, you should know about smart contracts and dApps alongside how Ethereum empowers these technologies. Learners also need fluency in smart contract programming and Solidity concepts. It is also important to have a clear impression of the ways in which blockchain empowers the domain of web3 before you learn about web3 hacking.

  • Learn about Web3 Vulnerabilities

Another prominent recommendation for candidates who want to learn web3 hacker techniques and best practices is to learn about web3 vulnerabilities. It is important to understand that web3 vulnerabilities are different from bugs in web2. You need to pay attention to the working mechanisms of social engineering attacks, such as phishing attacks and rug pulls.

In addition, you must look for vulnerabilities in smart contract code, such as function default visibility or syntax errors. Malicious actors could leverage the open-source nature of smart contracts to exploit web3 systems. For example, flash loan attacks can compromise smart contract vulnerabilities by siphoning off assets from the contract.

  • Choose the Right Certification Course

The internet could help you find multiple training courses on ethical web3 hacking. However, a web3 hacker course is not the only resource to prove your skills for safeguarding web3 systems. You need a certification training course that can help you prove your skills in ethical web3 hacking. Interestingly, you can choose the Certified Web3 Hacker or CW3H certification course on 101 Blockchains to boost your web3 hacking knowledge.

The certification training course not only improves your web3 hacker skills but also helps you approach web3 security from the perspective of an expert. The CW3H certification course helps in developing a comprehensive impression of real-world web3 security threats and best practices for resolving them. Another promising aspect of the CW3H certification training course is the assurance of training in the use of web3 hacking tools.


The journey to become certified web3 hacker might be a challenge for beginners. However, training and guidance by experts, along with examples and case studies, could help you overcome the challenges in learning. CW3H is a trusted web3 hacker certification course that has been designed for learners who want to build a career in web3 security. The certification training course not only helps you learn about web3 security but also the anatomy of different types of web3 security attacks. Embrace the mindset of a hacker and become an ethical web3 hacker with an industry-recognized certification right now.



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