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101 Blockchains Free Resources

A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed ledger or database, operating with cryptography technology that is distributed across the entire network of computer systems where encrypted blocks are stored and chained together for secure financial transactions.

Decentralization means it is not controlled by a single entity and is distributed across a network of computers. This allows for the creation of secure, transparent, and multiple records of transactions. The most well-known use of blockchain is in the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, but blockchains have many other potential applications such as smart contracts, supply chain management, voting system, and many more.

Premier Free resources of 101 Blockchains

101 Blockchains is providing world-class connectivity to its learners to learn from scratch to advance through its courses. Not only subscription-based but also a user-friendly dashboard where a learner can access its free resources initially to make a basic understanding of the vast world of blockchain and its after-learning application like its uses, implementation, and many more.

Below is some up-to-scratch assemblage through which our platform tries to connect the world of learners and enable them to build a foundation on the term “Blockchain”.

  1. Free blockchain course:

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize industries ranging from finance and healthcare to supply chain management and real estate. Therefore there is a high demand for professionals who have a strong understanding and can solve real-world problems. There can be 2 ways in which someone takes the free courses:

  • First, the person will create a foundation on this present technology and its application.
  • Second, it helps the person to determine whether they have an interest in pursuing a career in this field.

At our platform along with the free courses, anyone can also access bonus materials like

  • Course presentations
  • Additional Lectures
  • Chance to join online events

2. Free resources:

101 Blockchain provides free resources in 3 fragmentations:

I. Flashcards: Learning Tools help people memorize and recall things easily and our platform offers learner-friendly flashcards on various vital words of the blockchain industry.

Below are some flashcards of 101 Blockchains that can be recommended.

  • Non-fungible token (29 cards)
  • Metaverse (55 cards)
  • Blockchain Basics (26 Cards)
  • Decentralized Finance (29 cards)
  • Cryptocurrency (30 cards)
  • Web 3.0 (30 cards)
  • Ethereum (29 Cards)
  • Hyperledger (36 cards)
  • Corda (29 Cards)

II. Presentations: Through easy slide presentation the concepts are easier to understand.

Some of the presentations of 101 Blockchains are below.

  • NFTs and their role in the metaverse.
  • Is metaverse the next big thing?
  • A definitive guide on Algorithmic stablecoins
  • How to become an Ethereum developer?
  • A comprehensive guide on Tokenization
  • What is bitcoin?
  • Blockchain digital transformation
  • Blockchain in trade finance
  • An introduction to the metaverse.

III. EBooks: eBooks are a smarter way to learn and are easy to access. Some highlighted eBooks of 101 Blockchains are mentioned below that can be checked out.

  • An introduction to Cryptocurrency fundamentals.
  • An introduction to Web 3.0 Blockchain
  • A comprehensive guide on metaverse.
  • Non-Fungible Tokens — A definitive guide
  • A detailed guide on Blockchain enterprise.
  • A detailed guide on Blockchain
  • An introduction to Defi

IV. Infographics: These are attractive learning tools and the easiest way to memorize and recall complex things. 101 Blockchains provides 30 creative and lively attractive Infographics on various topics as mentioned below:

  • Blockchain Transformation Playbook
  • Fundamentals of blockchain-Implementation strategy
  • Blockchain technology
  • How to become a blockchain engineer
  • How does blockchain work
  • Blockchain business strategy implementation
  • Blockchain for beginners
  • How to implement blockchain
  • Different types of consensus Algorithms
  • Hybrid blockchain ……… and many more.

V. Blockchain Glossary: Learning terminologies related to the blockchain is an unsettling task that can be settled by the passing time of learning. Anyone can get access to the alphabetical Blockchain guide (words from A-Z) in the glossary section purely made by the team at 101 Blockchains and can learn the basic as well as advanced Terms. Though there are more than 150 Blockchain glossary terms that can be learned.

VI. Blogs: Blogs at 101 Blockchains act as a piece of advisory and insights-giving short of weblog, where experts and professionals frequently update their experiences or knowledge-giving content in the specific field; they want to convey it to their social as well as professional world. Learners can take the most advantage of the insights updated here frequently and can learn many more things related to the blockchain industry.

VII. LinkedIn community: LinkedIn is a platform for connecting professionals across the globe for sharing professional-world experiences and to reach each other through a wide sphere of networking. The 101 Blockchains Community now has an active presence on LinkedIn to connect the globe by facilitating and encouraging its network through many things from webinars and conferences to interactive discussions. Learners will have to join the community group to stay tuned with the latest community information on the Blockchain industry.

Apart from these free resources 101 Blockchains is offering several webinars and worldwide virtual conferences that can be watched live. Industry leaders and professionals across the globe are connected in a single platform of 101 Blockchains to enrich learning in the blockchain industry.



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