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3 min readSep 14, 2023
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Internet of Things or IoT has been an important term in the world of technology for decades. However, IoT has expanded quite significantly in recent times. As of now, the world has more than 14 billion IoT devices all over the world. The number of IoT connections worldwide increased by almost 18% in 2022. IoT Analytics predicts that the number of IoT connections will increase to 16.7 billion active endpoints in 2023.

You could not find a better time to learn IoT than now, as IoT adoption gains momentum. The total spending on IoT in 2022 amounted to almost $1 trillion. On top of it, the average funding for IoT companies was $15.9 million in 2022, which indicates the trust of the market in IoT. Let us find out how you can empower your career in IoT with a professional certification training course.

Why Should You Pursue a Career in IoT?

The first question on the mind of candidates seeking career opportunities in IoT focuses on reasons for pursuing a career in IoT. The advantages of an IoT career include a variety of roles, such as data scientists, embedded programs engineers, device and hardware experts, security experts, and network professionals. Here are some of the notable reasons for pursuing a career in the Internet of Things market.

As a certified IoT professional, you would have the opportunity to participate in the use of innovative technologies. IoT professionals work with AI, edge computing, big data analytics, and machine learning to develop innovative solutions.

The continuous expansion of the IoT sector has led to growing need for qualified IoT experts in different industries. The demand for IoT courses online has been increasing due to the efficiency of IoT in solving real-world problems. For example, IoT could help enhance sustainability while boosting productivity.

The variety of job roles available in IoT also presents a promising opportunity to pursue a career in IoT. On top of it, you could seek job opportunities in different sectors, such as transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, and more. As a result, you can find diverse opportunities for career growth.

Which Certification Can Help You Become an IoT Professional?

The benefits of a professional certification could help you uncover new opportunities for a career in IoT. Interestingly, the Certified IoT Professional certification on 101 Blockchains serves as the best answer for aspiring IoT professionals. One of the most promising highlights of the CIOTP certification course is the emphasis on the interplay between blockchain and IoT. How does the certification course help you? The learning objectives of the CIOTP certification include,

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of IoT use cases from the perspective of users and businesses.
  • Learn more about the best practices for creating application designs and ideas for IoT solutions.
  • Explore the impact of AI and blockchain technology in the IoT sector.

The CIOTP certification is the best IoT certification for beginners as well as IoT experts. You can develop your knowledge of the technology stack needed for creating IoT solutions and applications. On top of it, the certification training course also helps in understanding the best practices for implementing IoT in business use cases.

It is an ideal IoT certification course to help you familiarize yourself with the value benefits of IoT applications for users. The certification course also covers real-world examples alongside interactive exercises for learning about IoT and its use cases. Furthermore, the CIOTP certification course also offers the assurance of responsive support and training under an expert. The certification offers the same advantages as the best IoT courses online, such as professional recognition and practical training. The CIOTP certification also stands out from other IoT certifications as it helps in learning about business model innovation.


The value benefits of the 101 Blockchains certification program for IoT professionals prove why it can offer you an opportunity to build your career in IoT. It is important to note that the certification course helps you learn about the business impact of IoT and how you can use it in real-world use cases. On top of it, the credibility of 101 Blockchains serves as a promising advantage for learners in their career development. Discover more details about the CIOTP certification training course and how it can help you pursue a career in IoT.



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