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Top Blockchain Certifications

Learning about blockchain technology has many interesting benefits for your career. You can use the top blockchain certifications to prove your skills to deal with responsibilities in real blockchain-based jobs. The global blockchain market could be worth $1431.5 billion by 2030, with lots of new job opportunities emerging every day.

Most important of all, blockchain certifications offer an effective solution for validating your skills in taking up major job responsibilities. You can find the best blockchain certifications on 101 Blockchains for accredited credentials to support your career in blockchain. The following post serves insights into the details of blockchain certifications that could help you in becoming a blockchain professional.

Which Blockchain Certifications Help in Career Development?

The outline of best practices for becoming a blockchain professional would point at the ways in which certifications offer tangible proof of your blockchain expertise. You can learn blockchain concepts with different training courses and improve your practical knowledge through real-world projects. How can you prove that you know the important skills required for a blockchain job role to the employer? Here are the important certifications which can support your career development journey.

  1. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

Do you want to guide business organizations toward success with blockchain-based digital transformation initiatives? The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional certification serves as one of the most popular blockchain certifications for aspiring blockchain professionals.

It is an effective resource to prove your knowledge of the basics of blockchain ecosystem and its use cases in different industries. The certification can help you achieve an in-depth understanding of the practical ways to leverage new blockchain development and implementation tools.

2. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect

The career opportunities in blockchain technology also include references to blockchain solution architect roles. The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification is a recommended credential for any professional interested in becoming a blockchain solution architect.

You can use such blockchain certification courses to learn how to model enterprise blockchain development platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric. The CEBA certification training course also offers insights into designing blockchain solutions across different environments.

3. Certified Blockchain Security Expert

The burden of security issues in the blockchain industry has been growing with the introduction of new types of flaws. You can rely on the Certified Blockchain Security Expert or CBSE certification as one of the top blockchain certifications to prove your expertise in blockchain security. Some of the important topics in the CBSE certification training course include threat modeling, cryptography principles and best practices and vulnerability assessment.

4. Certified NFT Professional

The new generation of blockchain professionals has to adapt to new technology trends, such as non-fungible tokens. With the help of the Certified NFT Professional certification, you can find an ideal way to complement the best blockchain certifications and expand your portfolio as a blockchain professional.

The advantages of the CNFTP certification training course are visible in the variety of topics it covers. You can learn about the fundamentals of non-fungible tokens, their working, applications, benefits and risks, alongside the methods for creating NFTs.

5. Certified Metaverse Professional

The list of blockchain certifications for your career in blockchain would also include the Certified Metaverse Professional certification. It is an effective resource to learn blockchain applications in developing futuristic applications. You can use the CMP certification training course to develop a fluent understanding of the technology underlying the metaverse. The certification also helps you learn about the association between Metaverse and Web3.

6. Certified Web3 Professional

The latest addition among the most popular blockchain certifications on 101 Blockchains is the Certified Web3 Professional or CW3P certification. Web3 is the most popular trend in the blockchain space right now, with many promising use cases. The CW3P certification training course helps in learning the fundamentals, use cases, benefits and challenges of Web3 technologies. In addition, the certification course also provides insights into the relationship between Web3 and Ethereum, NFTs and the metaverse.


The list of top certifications on 101 Blockchains opens the doors to your future career in blockchain. Candidates can use blockchain certification courses to prepare for different blockchain-related roles. In addition, the certification courses serve as flexible tools for learning about blockchain and becoming a certified professional. However, you should choose the certification courses carefully according to your desired career goals. Learn more about the different blockchain certifications available on 101 Blockchains right now.



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