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4 min readApr 17, 2023
Blockchain Certifications

The global blockchain market can achieve a total market capitalization of over $67 billion by 2026. Blockchain technology has created the foundations for the next big technological revolution in the world after the internet. If you have been looking for a blockchain certification, you must have a clear impression of how blockchain transformed the world with cryptocurrencies.

You can witness innovative dApps delivering better customer experiences and NFTs changing the definitions of digital asset ownership. The broad range of use cases of blockchain across different sectors beyond finance also proves how blockchain is taking over the world. Do you want to build a career in blockchain? The following post offers a brief overview of some promising blockchain certifications that can help you become a blockchain professional.

Why Should You Pursue Blockchain Certifications?

The search for blockchain certifications has increased by huge margins alongside the consistently growing demand for blockchain professionals. Almost 90% of banks in US, Europe and Canada have been experimenting with blockchain technology. On top of it, global blockchain spending could reach $19 billion in 2024.

Companies working on blockchain projects would rely on a certified blockchain professional to guide their blockchain transformation initiatives. At the same time, the novelty of blockchain technology implies a massive skill gap. The rise in the number of blockchain-related job listings on different platforms such as Indeed prove that blockchain certifications can serve promising results for career development.

Top Blockchain Certifications by 101 Blockchains

The continuous growth of the volume of investments in blockchain technology and blockchain-based solutions for different industries create the need for certified blockchain professionals. However, you must choose the ideal certifications for your blockchain career development objectives. Here are some of the most popular 101 Blockchains Certifications which can help you pursue careers in blockchains.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional certification delivers a promising start to your journey of learning blockchain. You can learn about fundamentals and use cases of blockchain technology. The CEBP certification training course also helps you learn the basics of Ethereum, Hyperledger and Corda. On top of it, the certification training course also covers a detailed explanation of blockchain applications in trade finance and supply chain management.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect

Candidates aspiring for roles in blockchain development and engineering can choose the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect certification. It helps you prepare for blockchain development projects with insights on modeling blockchain development platforms. The CEBA certification training course provides in-depth insights into Ethereum, Polygon, Corda and Hyperledger Fabric. As a result, you can identify ideal blockchain systems for specific use cases.

Certified Blockchain Security Expert

The Certified Blockchain Security Expert certification is a trusted certification for validating your skills in safeguarding blockchain-based solutions. You can learn the best practices for threat modeling in dApps alongside detailed explanations for vulnerability assessments. The CBSE certification can prove your expertise in creating secure dApps and blockchain systems.

Certified NFT Professional

You can prove your NFT expertise with the Certified NFT Professional certification and its exclusive learning objectives. The certification not only helps you learn about the basics of non-fungible tokens and how they work but also how to create NFT collections. The CNFTP certification training course dives deeper into the use cases, benefits and challenges of non-fungible tokens.

Certified Metaverse Professional

The Certified Metaverse Professional certification is another interesting addition among blockchain certifications for you in 2023. It serves as a comprehensive learning resource on the metaverse and its potential alongside the technologies powering the metaverse. You can also use the CMP certification training course to familiarize yourself with the implications of using NFTs in the metaverse.

Certified Web3 Professional

The Certified Web3 Professional certification gives you an early start in the domain of web3. You can learn about web3 fundamentals and how the internet has evolved over the years. The CW3P certification training course offers insights into how Ethereum, NFT and metaverse are associated with web3. You can develop an in-depth understanding of web3 use cases alongside the benefits and challenges of different web3 technologies.


The different 101 Blockchains Certifications display a selected assortment of resources for developing your career in blockchain. Blockchain and web3 adoption in different industries, alongside scope for career growth in technical as well as non-technical roles, will drive the demand for blockchain certifications. You can become a certified blockchain expert by choosing the right certification and developing skills required for desired job role. Find more details about the top blockchain certifications and make your choice right now.



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