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Hello there, I welcome you for your interest in learning Blockchain. I am Aviv Lichtigstein, a Blockchain expert and the CEO of 101 Blockchains.

Studying Blockchain is not different from what you would need to do when you choose any other field. The student needs to be curious and willing to master the tricks and techniques to make it a successful career. You have to invest a lot of time, energy, and effort to learn Blockchain and stay updated with the regular changes and trends. Moreover, it would help if you had the zeal and passion for working in this field.

Once you start seeing a growth in your career, it is then that you begin working towards mastering other sub-fields within the Blockchain industry. To be the best Blockchain technologist means that you have to understand the legal and business aspect of the Blockchain world and slowly venture into becoming an economist if you think you are up to it.

Being a Blockchain expert does not restrict you to a particular area or section of the field. You can choose to venture into various other aspects, depending on your skillset and ability to learn. You can start by enrolling in the free Blockchain course for the basics and then decide on opting for the paid Blockchain courses or certifications.

Now, coming to the real question.

What are the different sources to learn about Blockchain?

As mentioned above, you have to ensure that you get your fundamentals right before deciding to specialize in any particular field. There are many ways to learn about Blockchain; here are a few of them -

Online and Offline courses

You can enroll for an offline or an online course and learn about Blockchain. There are many free and paid courses available all over the world. Basic recommendations would include-

  • Register and learn about distributed computing theory

The distributed computing theory is an essential aspect of Blockchain that you should know. As a professional, you have to have a deep understanding of this concept, especially when looking for specific solutions while dealing with different block transactions.

  • Opt for a Cryptography course

People who want to venture into Blockchain technology should undergo Blockchain training in cryptography. This is a fundamental course that will help you understand various terminologies like What is a nonce? Or What is a hash? And so on.

  • Opt for courses that will help you learn the different tools and software that you would need to use

Today, when you look at any industry, you will find a wide range of software and tools that are used. Similarly, it is always advisable to have hand-on practice on some of the tools and software commonly used by Blockchain experts.

Other ways or sources to learn about Blockchain

  • Research on different projects and companies within the Blockchain industry

This will help you understand the industry’s present movements and what kinds of roles or job profiles are available in the market. Moreover, it will also give you a sense of direction and help you decide what you would like to do after entering the industry.

  • Be a part of social media communities and forums or participate in webinars

A person needs to understand the industry he/she plans to venture into. Social media communities, webinars, forums, or groups are among the best ways to learn Blockchain. Not only do you gain a lot of knowledge, but you will also have a good idea about how the industry works. Since these are open-ended discussions, you will have many industry experts sharing their views and thoughts, which will add value to your knowledge and understanding of the Blockchain industry.

How to start a career in Blockchain?

Some people love writing, while some love designing and building websites. Some people have good trading skills. Based on your skills, you can choose the job and relevant Blockchain courses to help you out.

You first have to evaluate the skills that you have, or you are comfortable with. This will help you align yourself accordingly to take on the different forms and shapes in the roles and responsibilities as a Blockchain technologist. You have the option to choose from career paths like

  • Becoming a Blockchain developer or a designer
  • Being a Blockchain project manager
  • Becoming a Blockchain quality engineer
  • Being a Blockchain legal consultant or an attorney

It is always advisable to undergo a Blockchain training or certification course based on the job profile and skillset you plan to specialize in.

Blockchain for non-technical people

One of the most common concerns that many people have is if a non-technical person can switch. The answer is Yes.

Blockchain is easy to understand, and even non-technical people can make a career out of it. You do not have to have coding or programming knowledge (no doubt, it would be a plus point); however, if you get your basics right and build a strong foundation, there is no stopping for you. Undergoing different kinds of Blockchain training programs will only make it easy for you to venture into the industry.



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