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4 min readApr 8, 2022

In the modern era, you would have definitely heard about blockchain. It has become a buzzword everywhere around the globe. The revolutionizing technology is rapidly spreading across diverse industries like utility, advertising, healthcare, banking, etc. With the increasing demand for blockchain, people now realize the potential of blockchain. However, to be a part of the blockchain world, you need to become blockchain certified.

To become certified, you need to choose the right blockchain certification course. Gaining access to the best blockchain resource will allow you to expand your knowledge and enhance your skills. Moreover, it will also make you familiar with the key terminologies and concepts of blockchain. With the right blockchain certification, it will be easy for you to pursue a successful career in the domain.

Ideal Resources to Learn Blockchain

Are you looking for the best blockchain resource to learn blockchain and get certified? If yes, 101 Blockchains is one of the best platforms that can provide you with access to plenty of helpful resources. Here are the best blockchain resources that help you acquire the desired knowledge and skills.

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP)

101 Blockchains’ CEBP certification is one of the best courses ideal for individuals who want to become blockchain certified. If you have an idea about blockchain but want to gain in-depth knowledge about the technology, this course is best for you. CEBP serves as a valuable source of practical knowledge and skills for all industry professionals. The course can help you understand the key blockchain concepts in detail. Moreover, the course can provide you with valuable insights into the use cases and applications of blockchain.

Completing the course will equip you with the essential technical skills and prepare you to meet real-world demands. In the course, you will get to learn the many applications of blockchain in recent times. This will prove to be helpful when you start working on real-life blockchain projects.

If you can dedicate just three to four hours every week, you can complete the course in 4 weeks. However, the course offers you the freedom to learn blockchain at your own unique pace. This ensures that you get a stronghold on the different blockchain concepts. Moreover, a benefit of this course is that it allows you to learn from industry experts and become familiar with their real-life experiences. Also, you can engage in interviews with the leading blockchain experts around the world.

  • Valuable Courses on 101 Blockchains

101 Blockchains has a wide range of in-demand blockchain certification courses that allow individuals to upskill themselves. Some of the top-rated courses available on the platform include an introduction to de-fi, tokenization fundamentals, and NFT fundamentals. The best thing about the courses on 101 Blockchains is that they are delivered by industry experts. This ensures access to high-quality content and materials in the course.

Moreover, you get to learn about blockchain technology through practical use-cases and real-life examples. The courses may seem to be a little expensive. However, they are sure to provide you with optimum value to boost your career. In order to find the best blockchain course, all you need to do is go through the different courses and select the right one. Make sure to consider the knowledge and skills you want to acquire while choosing the best blockchain course. After completion of the courses, you can get the certifications and be known as a blockchain expert.

  • Free Courses on 101 Blockchains

Are you searching for the best blockchain resource? If yes, then you must definitely take a look at the free course on 101 Blockchains. The free courses available on the platform allow you to learn blockchain seamlessly and keep acquiring new skills. On 101 Blockchains, you can find a number of eBooks, flashcards, and presentations. Moreover, you can also gain access to incredible career resources that will guide you to build a successful career in the domain.

In addition to these, you can also find interesting infographics to enhance your blockchain knowledge. Make the most of the available free resources and excel in your dream career.

Bottom Line

Blockchain is an evolving technology and has the potential to transform a number of industries. People have a perception that it will impact the banking industry the most. However, in reality, it is likely to impact manufacturing, healthcare, advertising, and many other industries. Therefore, learning blockchain and getting certified is vital to secure lucrative career opportunities.

Blockchain learning resources are readily available online. However, it is important to choose the best learning resources only. Now that you know the right resources to acquire blockchain certification, it is time to avail them. Enroll in the best blockchain course and grasp the career-boosting opportunities at the earliest.



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