Best Blockchain Certification Courses In 2020

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4 min readSep 7, 2020

Blockchain technology has introduced the concept of decentralized and encrypted data transfer in quite a simple manner. The benefits of blockchain for providing better transparency over data communications and transactions are formidable reasons for their popularity. So, many individuals looking for a career in blockchain technology look for the most suitable blockchain certification for taking their career ahead.

Certifications are valid proofs of an individual’s expertise in different specializations related to blockchain such as solution architecture or security. Blockchain certifications are tangible indicators of the capabilities of candidates for addressing responsibilities in certain blockchain-based roles.As a result, candidates need reliable blockchain courses to prepare effectively for blockchain certifications. Here is an outline of the top blockchain certification courses you can find in 2020.

Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional Certification Training Course- 101Blockchains

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional (CEBP) certification training course on 101Blockchains is one of the first entries among popular blockchain certification training courses. The certification carries the credibility of 101Blockchains, an independent research-based platform for blockchain education and training.

The CEBP certification training course on 101Blockchain provides a reliable platform for learning the core concepts related to the blockchain ecosystem. Candidates can use the certification training course to strengthen their expertise in best practices for blockchain implementation. In addition, the training course is also helpful for developing hands-on experience in the use of updated actionable tools for supporting blockchain transformation.

Basically, the training course would help in honing the skills of an individual in various blockchain technologies alongside understanding impact of the technologies on business objectives. The blockchain course for CEBPcertification on 101Blockchains also provides credible advantages for engaging practically with business executives.

Certified Blockchain Security Expert Certification Training Course- 101Blockchains

The Certified Blockchain Security Expert (CBSE) certification training course on 101Blockchains is also a top mention among blockchain courses in 2020. The certification training course provides a comprehensive learning platform to develop a strong foundation of practical and theoretical concepts regarding blockchain security.

Candidates could develop a thorough understanding of the threats for different layers in the blockchain ecosystem with real case studies. In addition, candidates could also access the necessary tools for evaluating the security status of blockchain systems. Therefore, candidates could gain not only knowledge of the major threats to blockchain security but also develop hands-on experience with tools for evaluating threats and vulnerabilities.

The training course provides detailed coverage of all exam objectives of the CBSE blockchain certification by 101Blockchains. Any candidate aspiring to pursue a career in the design and development of highly secure blockchain systems along with distributed applications, could choose this course.

Certified Blockchain Business Foundations Certification Training Course- Blockchain Training Alliance

The Certified Blockchain Business Foundations (CBBF) certification training course by Blockchain Training Alliance is one of the trusted alternatives for blockchain beginners. The CBBF certification exam training course on BTA is the simplest resource for showcasing fundamental expertise in blockchain technology and using it for driving business value.

The ideal candidates for this blockchain course include managed service providers, government officials, network operations, IT consultants, system integrators, and IT leaders. The training course is the perfect alternative to help candidates prepare for the performance-based questions in the CBBF certification exam.

Certified Blockchain Expert Certification Training Course- Blockchain Council

The Certified Blockchain Expert certification by Blockchain Council is quite popular among aspiring blockchain professionals. Blockchain Council offers a comprehensively planned self-paced training course for the CBE certification. With just nine hours of training duration, the training course covers every aspect related to Blockchain fundamentals. In addition, the blockchain training course also dives into concepts pertaining to blockchain such as blockchain ecosystem and blockchain mining.

Another highlight of the CBE certification course by Blockchain Council refers to the aspects of security and privacy in Blockchain. Candidates could also find a detailed explanation of best practices and approaches for creating a blockchain solution. Most important of all, the training course also imparts an in-depth understanding of the use cases of blockchain across diverse industries.

Blockchain Certification Training Course- Simplilearn

The final entry among top blockchain courses for 2020 would be the Blockchain Certification Training Course by Simplilearn. The training course can help learners understand the meaning of the rising popularity of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Learners can use the training course as a platform for developing formidable fluency in core blockchain platforms.

As a result, the Blockchain Certification Training Course can provide significant help in developing skills for creating apps with Ethereum. The course covers an overview of blockchain and the fundamentals of Bitcoin blockchain. In addition, other topics in the course include,

· Smart contracts on Ethereum

· Ethereum deployment tools

· Multichain blockchain

· Future prospects of blockchain

Final Words

You can notice that the certification training courses provide different advantages for distinct blockchain-based roles. Candidates should choose the appropriate platform for accessing training courses to prepare for blockchain certifications. Blockchain training courses require that candidates must have a fundamental awareness of the definition of blockchain technology.

Learners should also develop the required adaptability to adjust their learning capabilities and preferences according to emerging trends. Blockchain ecosystem continuously fosters innovation and would become a mainstream technological trend. So, it is reasonable to capitalize on the opportunity to make the most of future prospects in blockchain technology. Get started right now by choosing your blockchain certification training course!



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