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Blockchain certification Courses

Blockchain was one of the most-hyped technologies almost a decade ago, underlining the foundations of cryptocurrencies. The blockchain market was worth $1.54 billion in 2018 and has climbed up to almost $12 billion as of 2022. How did blockchain grow at such a humongous rate within a limited duration of time? Apparently, 90% of the largest banks worldwide have initiated blockchain implementation, with many other sectors joining in. The growth of blockchain has also spurred a rise in demand for certified blockchain professionals in different roles.

However, you could have a tough time choosing the best certification from the massive pool of alternatives available online. On the other hand, a reliable blockchain training and certification platform like 101 Blockchains could offer some promising solutions.

What is a Blockchain Developer?

As simple as it may sound, the question has significant implications for the career of a blockchain professional. The most generic description for the role of a blockchain developer would suggest that they develop blockchain solutions. However, blockchain developers need a broad range of skills and business knowledge alongside fluency in emerging trends.

Blockchain developers have to prepare for the roles of web3 developers and build skills for developing NFTs and web3 solutions. At the same time, blockchain developers must also learn about the best practices for safeguarding the solutions they create.

Best Certifications for Blockchain Developers

The broad set of responsibilities for blockchain developers reflects in the recent blockchain developer salary estimates. Blockchain developers can earn between $120,000 and $250,000 annually, depending on their experience and skills. However, it is also important to notice the breadth of blockchain expertise required for earning high-end job roles. You can use the following blockchain certifications to build a strong and appealing professional portfolio for blockchain development job roles.

  1. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional

The first blockchain certification recommended for aspiring developers would be the Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional credential. It helps in understanding the fundamentals of the platforms on which you would develop blockchain and web3 solutions. The CEBP certification training course also focuses on an in-depth understanding of blockchain use cases and examples in trade finance and supply chain management.

2. Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect

The Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect is another obvious choice of certification for aspiring developers. The CEBA certification course supports you in qualifying for one of the top blockchain certifications for proving your expertise in preparing blockchain infrastructure for developing decentralized solutions. You can also familiarize yourself with the best practices for selecting blockchain systems i.e., public or permissioned blockchains, according to client requirements.

3. Certified Blockchain Security Expert

The next entry among blockchain certifications you should pursue in 2023 for high-paying blockchain development job roles is CBSE certification. You can prove your skills in blockchain security with the Certified Blockchain Security Expert credential. The CBSE certification training course is one of the essential blockchain certification courses for aspiring blockchain developers. Candidates for blockchain development job roles can have a competitive advantage over other choices for the job with the capability for creating secure dApps.

4. Certified NFT Professional

Blockchain developers must also have fluent knowledge regarding the latest trends, such as non-fungible tokens. You can choose the Certified NFT Professional certification as one of the best blockchain certifications for establishing proof of your knowledge regarding NFTs. The CNFTP certification training course also adds another important skill to the portfolio of blockchain developers, i.e., creating NFTs.

5. Certified Metaverse Professional

The next frontier in blockchain development points to the metaverse. Any aspiring blockchain developer should understand the ways in which blockchain can offer decentralized experiences in the metaverse. The Certified Metaverse Professional certification training course helps you learn metaverse fundamentals and the technologies behind it. The CMP credential also validates your skills for interacting with the metaverse.

6. Certified Web3 Professional

The future of blockchain development would revolve around or within the web3 ecosystem. The Certified Web3 Professional certification is one of the top blockchain certifications to learn about web3 and how it would define the future of decentralization. Aspiring blockchain developers can find out how blockchain and web3 are interlinked alongside understanding how NFTs and metaverse fit within the web3 narrative.

Final Words

The different blockchain certification courses for developers on 101 Blockchains help in building a comprehensive set of skills. You have a better chance of landing jobs in blockchain development with a professional portfolio that features every essential blockchain skill. Learners can build their skills in applications of blockchain for business use cases, selection of ideal blockchain systems and blockchain security.

Furthermore, the certifications on NFT, metaverse and web3 help in enhancing the reputation of blockchain architects or developers. Become a professional blockchain development expert and land high-paying jobs with the best certifications now.



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