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Blockchain Certifications

The reputation of blockchain technology as an innovative advancement for empowering users has been validated by the value benefits of different blockchain use cases. Worldwide spending on blockchain solutions reached $6 billion in 2021 and around $11 billion in 2022. Research reports have pointed out that global spending on blockchain solutions might reach almost $19 billion by 2024.

The growth of blockchain implies that a blockchain certification can be the most valuable instrument for career growth. Global business leaders plan on investing more than one million dollars in blockchain projects. At the same time, consistently expanding the scope of blockchain technology applications is an indication of career development prospects with blockchain. Let us learn more about the top certifications which can validate your blockchain expertise.

Why Do You Need Accredited Certifications?

Blockchain has developed into a massive ecosystem with multiple players. Almost every other user in the blockchain community is an expert with unique insights on different topics. However, certified blockchain professionals can set a distinctive advantage for their portfolios in the job market with accreditations. Accredited blockchain certifications can help in ensuring the credibility of the credential in the job market.

The biggest advantage of accreditation is the assurance of higher quality and standardization of training with the certification training course. On top of it, accreditation by a professional authority such as CPD Certification Service ensures that you follow stringent benchmarks for proving your blockchain expertise.

Accredited Blockchain Certifications on 101 Blockchains

The search for accredited blockchain certifications could land you with interesting choices, such as 101 Blockchains. It is a renowned pioneer in the field of blockchain certification courses and professional training materials. 101 Blockchains has earned accreditation from the CPD Certification Service for offering trusted blockchain certifications. Here are the certification courses on 101 Blockchains, which have earned a CPD Accreditation.

  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Professional
  • Certified Enterprise Blockchain Architect
  • Certified NFT Professional
  • Certified Metaverse Professional
  • Certified Web3 Professional

Each of these certifications prepares candidates for prominent job roles in the domain of blockchain technology. The CPD Accredited blockchain certification training courses offer a straightforward improvement in the appeal of your professional portfolio. CPD Certification Service has been a trusted authority for allotting verified credentials to individuals who undertake continuous professional development training. Candidates can earn credits for investing their time in completing the certification objectives alongside showcasing their commitment to developing blockchain skills.

Do You Really Need Accreditations?

The benefits of accredited blockchain certifications are not limited to the assurance of credibility. On the contrary, the top accredited blockchain certification could also help you build the stage for continuous professional development. One of the noticeable ways in which accreditations influence the portfolio of blockchain professionals is the guarantee of CPD credits. You can utilize continuous professional development credits as a benchmark for evaluating your professional development journey. The credits can serve as a benchmark for checking your progress in learning new blockchain concepts.

How Will Accreditations Help You?

Accreditations help you choose the right certification training course according to your needs. You can pick the best blockchain certifications by verifying accreditations, thereby avoiding the risks of misinformation. The complex standards associated with accreditation ensure that you can choose certifications with better standards.

Alongside the reduced risks of misinformation and loss of credibility, accreditations could help in marketing your identity as a reliable expert. Certified professionals with accreditation are more likely to have better prospects for selecting different job roles. In the long run, you can notice how the accreditation can elevate the professional development journey of blockchain experts.


The consistent efforts of an individual to earn a blockchain certification can show better results with an accredited certification. You can find CPD accreditation as the top choice for differentiating blockchain certifications on the basis of quality. 101 Blockchains offers CPD-accredited blockchain certification training courses as an ideal option for learning about blockchain.

If you want to specialize in blockchain technology, you need to choose authorized and verified sources of training materials. Interestingly, the reputation of the CPD Certification Service offers the assurance of credibility to aspiring blockchain professionals. Learn more details about the accredited blockchain certifications on 101 Blockchains and how they can help you with career development.



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