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After the phases of the static web (Web 1.0) and dynamic web (Web 2.0), the next transparent and upgraded version of the internet can be identified as Next Generation Internet Web 3.0. In this era of being the more democratic genre of today’s internet world, its ideation is a round-gist of read-write-own-sell-earn series. In the course of having both concept and context, Web 3.0 is making the internet a more innovative medium and user-friendly interface while also being responsive and intelligent.

About 101 Blockchains Web 3.0 Expert courses

101 Blockchains being a platform that is expanded across the globe, where blockchain and web 3.0 practitioners can both create a community and learn simultaneously, is now brought us the Web 3.0 Expert Career Path where someone will learn from the basics to advance while screening through the courses available at this platform. Here is some information someone should go through before enrolling in the right course for them.

Web3 Expert Career Path covers nearly 26 + hours where it will be offering 7 courses of industry demand that are specialized with 275 + lessons, which is the best takeaway course for an expert to be more expert in this journey.

  1. NFT Fundamental Course:

This course is a “sufficient-to-kick-through” for beginners that covers 58 lessons of 3 hours duration.

  • A learner can understand starting from the very first point of the concept of NFTs as well as the fundamentals and history behind it.
  • It will take you through the NFT project ecosystem that deals with virtual worlds, trading cards, and marketplace along with utility and Defi.
  • Someone will also get to learn NFT use cases such as Digital art, collectibles, fashion, certifications, and licenses.
  • Followed by this one will next gain knowledge about the NFT marketplace and wallets. At last, one would learn how to create, buy and sell NFTs along with the future of NFTs.

2. Introduction to Defi — Decentralized Finance course:

This course will be covered in 4 hours with 10 lessons.

  • Blockchain has created a revolution in the finance sector and that can be realized by looking at the Defi.
  • A learner can learn about how Defi and its ecosystem work, its applications and risks, etc.

3. Metaverse fundamental:

This course will take you through 40 lessons which will consume your 3 hours of time duration.

This collection of concepts will circle you through the trending web 3.0 spaces where a learner will learn its fundamentals, technology, and investment.

4. The complete Ethereum technology course:

However as per the course lessons are concerned it will be covered in 34 lessons and will consume 3 precious hours of a learner.

  • Ethereum is the next biggest blockchain network. This course will take you through the Ethereum-related tools, Test Networks, Addresses, and accounts.
  • Smart contracts, solidity programming Language, Token creation, Ethereum Transactions, Blocks, and mining are the next stage of the courses that a learner will access and will acquire knowledge.

5. Polygon fundamentals

Polygon Fundamentals and its after-learning will be covered in 58 lessons and probably it will be understandable within approximately4 hours.

  • After doing the master classes on the above four, anyone can build a foundation on web 3.0 and would have landed at the stage of advanced learning.
  • This package of learning curriculum will first introduce polygon, Polygon architecture, its transactions, and development.

6. Tokenization fundamentals

It will take 6 hours to cover 22 lessons.

  • It will make you understand the tokenization ecosystem. However, it includes smart contracts, tokenization, its types and financial structure, alternative finance, and types of assets of tokenization.

7. Decentralized finance — An intermediate-level course

This course will cover 50 lessons on Defi.

  • It can be taken as an option for those who have learned about the basics of Defi. This strategic course will cover Defi fundamentals, Defi Infrastructure, Defi stack, Stablecoins, decentralized protocols, Defi security, and legal boundaries.

Apart from these courses, anyone can also access our certification program for Certified Web 3.0 professionals (CW3P) in the certification category by enrolling in the certification program.

101 Blockchains’ Web3 expert career path is what will make you learn through every single point you should learn to become a Web3 Professional.



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